Sunday, December 25, 2011

Who Will Run Patrick's Law?

Sometimes you have to give up the fight and walk away,
and move on to something that's more productive.
~Donald Trump

Once again, I find myself fed up with leading Patrick's Law, but this time I'm done. Yes, I'm really breaking up with all of you on Christmas Day. It's my present to myself.

I am frightened by how many people on the Facebook page actually think I am Patrick. As if a dog can read their posts! I posted "Merry Christmas," and most of the responses are, "Merry Christmas, Patrick." WTF.

There seems to be many who don't pay attention, who think I have custody of Patrick, or that I'm involved with Patrick at all. But the truth falls on deaf ears and blind eyes. How many times have I said, "Get your Patrick 'fix' on the GSVS wall?" Instead, these people keep writing, "Please post pictures of Patrick."

Honestly, I don't get people who latch onto an obsession. I've never understood rabid fans who idolize anyone, or think a celeb is their personal friend simply because the celeb answers a post on Facebook. It's even more twisted for people to turn a dog into a celebrity.

I also get private emails from people asking me to campaign for a certain issue, but when I post the subject to the wall, there are inevitably naysayers, whiners and critics, who feel that particular campaign is a "waste of time." Everyone complains, but no one gets involved. I repeatedly ask for help to put together committees, but people don't step up. I will not and cannot invest another minute in Patrick's Law.

I'm simply not cut out for this. The older I get, the less patience I have for idiots. I prefer the company of dogs to most people. My personal situation is dire, and I need to focus on me.

I have more important things to worry about than 50,000 strangers who expect me to simply be their source of "Patrick updates." I didn't start Patrick's Law to be a 411 for one dog. When I started the cause, I hoped to get maybe 50 people who were interested in making a difference with animal abuse laws. When the page turned into a runaway train, I tried to get it on track, but leading 50,000 people was/is not on my life's to-do list.

I've asked for people to step up to lead Patrick's Law, but no one does. Last time, just before I made the page go dark for a few months, I asked several times. It was only when I finally announced the shutdown, people said, "Oh, please don't shut it down." -or- "I didn't know you needed someone to help. What's involved?" Really? You don't know what's involved? If you have to ask, then you definitely can't handle what's involved.

Several people expressed a desire to take over, were just about to reimburse me the money I've spent (and cannot afford to have spent), and then they each bailed on the offer. I spent almost a month going back and forth with three different people, all a waste of my time.

So here I am again saying this. Someone must come forward, reimburse me, and take Patrick's Law off my hands. You're welcome to form a 501c3 and keep going with it.

The $400 is not profit for me. I didn't start Patrick's Law for monetary reasons. But I've been unemployed since December 2010, and I'm facing living in my car if a job doesn't come along. I can't afford to have spent that money. Whoever gives me $400 will get it all: the Facebook pageTwitter account, this Blogger accountthe website (design files) and related domains, hosting plan (paid through March 2012), and trademark (which cost $275).

You know, I've had this statement/announcement on the website for at least four months, so my desire to walk away should not be a surprise. But I had gotten notes from people begging me to make the page go live again. So I honored those requests. But did any of those people step up to even help as admins on the Facebook page? NOPE.

C'mon. Out of 50,000 people, there has to be ONE PERSON with $400 who is intelligent, capable, organized, and ready to lead Patrick's Law. Click here to send me a note, only if you're that person.

Don't post your surprise, confusion, anger, or offer to help on Facebook. I'll delete all emails which either tell me off or beg me to continue. Do not criticize my decision, because you are not in my shoes, and at least I tried to do something. Can you say the same? Did you take initiative and start a Facebook page that tried to make a difference? Although I'm the Founder of this movement, I need to hand it off and walk away.

If no one steps forward and hands me the money to take over, the Facebook page will go dormant on December 31, 2011.
"A man never knows how to say goodbye;
a woman never knows when to say it.”
~Helen Rowland